Dott.ssa Teresa BONACCI


Assistant professor of Applied and forensic entomology


Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 4B – floor 4

PHONE: +39 0984/493831


Orario di Ricevimento: Martedì dalle 10:00 alle 12:00


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese



Teresa Bonacci currently works at the DiBEST Department, University of Calabria.
She is active in research in the fields of applied entomology: urban and medico-legal investigations and medical and veterinary entomology. Her studies concern biological investigations, reproductive biology, behaviour ecology, taxonomy and chemical ecology of many species of insects.



Laboratory of applied and forensic entomology






27002330 - BIOLOGIA FORENSE - ENTOMOLOGIA FORENSE - Doc. BONACCI Teresa (CdS 0734 Biologia forense)

27007490 - ENTOMOLOGIA APPLICATA ALLE SCIENZE FORENSI - Doc. BONACCI Teresa (CdS 0734 Patologico-molecolare - Biologia Forense)

27005208 - ENTOMOLOGIA APPLICATA E FORENSE - Doc. BONACCI Teresa (CdS 0741 Ambiente Terrestre)

27002008 - ZOOLOGIA I - Doc. BONACCI Teresa (CdS 0725 GENERICO)