Prof.ssa Adriana CHIAPPETTA



Associate Professor in Plant Biology



Ponte Pietro Bucci 
Cubo 6B – floor 5

PHONE: +39 0984/492963

Orario di ricevimento: Martedì ore 15.30-16.30. Si consiglia di inviare un e-mail per concordare il ricevimento.


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I work in the field of plant developmental biology. The research interest has been directed towards the cytophysiological aspects of cell proliferation and cell committment and differentiation. The studies have been also focused on cytokinins and auxin availability, distribution and their relationship with the expression of specific homeobox genes in relation to determination of cell fate, to phase transition, shoot and leaf development, embryogenesis and finally adventitious morphogenesis.

Recently, the scientific interest is aimed to agronomically relevant tree plants such as peach and olive. In olive the research are focused on:
  • the role of dehydrins in response to water stress;
  • To study the genetic diversity of an ex situ olive germplasm collection by nuclear microsatellite markers.
The utilized experimental approaches deal with autoradiographic assay of nuclear metabolism, immunocytochemical detection of specific plant hormones and proteins, DNA methylation pattern, study of genetic structure using nuclear microsatellite (SSRs) markers, gene expression analysis through qRT-PCR, GUS analysis, single- and multi-probe in situ hybridisation. 



Laboratory of Plant Biology






 27006260 - BOTANICA GENERALE - Doc. CHIAPPETTA Adriana Ada Ceverista (CdS 0725 GENERICO)