Prof.ssa Rosanna DE ROSA


Full professor of Geochemistry and Vulcanology

 SSD: GEO/08

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 15/B – floor 8

PHONE: +39 0984/493690


Orario di Ricevimento: Mercoledì dalle 11:30 alle 12:30


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese



 Study of volcaniclastic deposits, both ancient and modern, integrating field analyses with petrological and geochemical studies. Particular interest was devoted to the study of differentiation processes of magmas, pre and sin-eruptive magma mixing processes and on their role in triggering volcanic eruptions. Research has focused on the reconstruction of the eruptive dynamics of the eruptions and the modeling of evolution of magmas in the recent and active volcanic systems, with particular reference to the Aeolian Archipelago. In recent years, research are also focused on environmental risk of coastal area and on monitoring of pollutions in urban and non urban areas.



 Laboratory of Microscopy and Microanalysis





27002121 - GEOCHIMICA - Doc. DE ROSA Rosanna (CdS 0730 GENERICO)
27006655 - VULCANOLOGIA E RISCHI VULCANICI - Doc. DE ROSA Rosanna (CdS 0742 Rischi naturali)