Dott. Maurizio MANDALA'


Researcher in Physiology

 SSD: BIO/09

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 4C – floor 5

PHONE: +39 0984/492946

Orario ricevimento: Lunedi e Venerdi dalle 12.30 alle 13.30


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese



Dr. Mandalà has been focused on vascular physiology, by using a physiological approach involving a video-electronic system specially designed for the study of intact resistance arteries isolated from a different rat regional circulations. His research was focused on investigating function and structure of uterine, mesenteric and cerebral arteries in special physiological condition pregnancy and aging to provide new insights into the cellular signalling mechanism for reactivity (vasodilation/vasoconstriction) and to evaluate their contribution to the regulation of blood flow. His current research is focused on understanding the signals, pathways and patterns of uterine vascular remodeling in normal and compromised pregnancy, and to identify the cellular changes induced by gestational hypertension that lead to altered vascular reactivity in the uterine circulation, but also in the splanchnic (mesenteric) vessels that are a principal site of peripheral resistance and blood pressure regulation.



-        Vascular Physiology Laboratory






27002354 - FISIOLOGIA E FISIOPATOLOGIA DELLA NUTRIZIONE UMANA - Doc. MANDALA' Maurizio (CdS 0734 Patologico-molecolare - Biologia Forense)

27002017 - FISIOLOGIA GENERALE - Doc. MANDALA' Maurizio (CdS 0731 GENERICO)