Dott.ssa Concetta MILAZZO


Researcher in Zoology

 SSD: BIO/05

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 4/B – floor 0

PHONE: +39 0984/492969


Orario di Ricevimento: Venerdì dalle 11:30 alle 13:30


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese




- Investigations on endoparasites of micromammals (Rodentia and Soricomorpha)

- Parasitological investigations on Anuran Amphibians (Pelophylax Kl hispanicus) and Urodelous Amphibians (Lissotriton italicus) in Calabria.

- Study of the parasitic fauna of fish species of commercial interest (Trachurus trachurus, Encraulis encrasicholus and Sardina pilchardus).

- Study of the space-time distribution of large pelagic elasmobranchs in Calabria and their basic eco-ethology.








27002159 - ZOOLOGIA DEI PARASSITI - Doc. MILAZZO Concetta (CdS 0734 Patologico-molecolare e Biologia Forense)