Prof. Antonio Mingozzi


Assoiciate Professor in Zoology

 SSD: BIO/05

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 4/B – floor 5

PHONE: +39 0984/492979


Orario di Ricevimento: nei giorni di lezione o previo appuntamento (Cubo 4/B, 5° p.) via mail


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese



 My research interests mainly concern birds, mammals and sea turtles as study models on the following topics:

- Long-term Individual Based Studies (LTIBS) on population biology (life history, population dynamics, environmental and climatic changes) on Alpine and Mediterranean biomes.

- Ecology and conservation biology of rare and endangered species.

- Historical extinctions and reintroductions projects.

- Dispersal and migration strategies.

- Atlas mapping, and bird communities as a tool of habitat and landscape analysis, environmental evaluation, ecological mapping.








27002020 - CONSERVAZIONE DELLA BIODIVERSITA' - CONSERVAZIONE FAUNISTICA - Doc. MINGOZZI Antonio (CdS 0741 Ambiente Marino e Ambiente Terrestre)

27005516 - ZOOLOGIA APPLICATA ALLA GESTIONE DELLA FAUNA - Doc. MINGOZZI Antonio (CdS 0741 Ambiente Terrestre)