Prof. Giuseppe PELLEGRINO



Associate Professor of Bonany


Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 6B – floor 2-3

PHONE: +39 0984/492958

Orario di ricevimento: martedì e giovedì dalle 9:30 alle 11:30


Curriculum in Italiano Curriculum in Inglese


 The genetic and ecological bases of plant adaptation and speciation: an evolutionary and conservation perspective of plant diversification.

Understanding the processes that accompany or facilitate the origin and diversification of natural species has always been of great interest to evolutionary biologists since Darwin time. Recently, thanks to the molecular and computational advances now available, to address these long-standing questions has become a feasible research.
We study the evolutionary genomics and ecological bases of species adaption and differentiation in several Mediterranean plant groups, with a special emphasis on very successful plant lineages as orchids. We are comparing the mechanisms and the genetic bases of pre/postzygotic reproductive isolation in different groups characterized by different level of pollinator specificity. Contrasting hypotheses for hybrid sterility as the role of genomic rearrangements and/or genic breakdown due to genic incompatibility are tested. A further motivation for our work also lies in the important conservation value of the plant species we study, especially as we are often dealing with rare or endangered species. In this regard, we are also combining phylogeographics and population genetics investigations for understanding the relative contribution of both historical and recent events on the maintaining of genetic diversity in endangered species. 



 Plant biosystematic-Botany





27006228 - BIOLOGIA FORENSE - Doc. PELLEGRINO Giuseppe (CdS 0734 Biologia forense)

27002005 - BOTANICA - Doc. PELLEGRINO Giuseppe (CdS 0731 GENERICO)