Dott.ssa Michela RICCA


Researcher in Minerary Resourches and Mineralogical-Petrographical Applications for the Environment and Cultural Heritage

 SSD: GEO/09

Ponte Pietro Bucci
Cubo 12/B – floor 2

PHONE: +39 0984/49


Orario di Ricevimento: Martedì dalle 10:30 alle 12:30 (Altri giorni su richiesta degli studenti, da concordare via mail)


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 She is Researcher at the Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences (DiBEST), University of Calabria (UNICAL). She deals with archaeometry and diagnostic investigations on materials, in the field of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage. She participated in the research and management activities of several National and European projects. With over 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers, published in international journals, she has also presented more than 50 contributions to National and International Conferences and Events in the Cultural Heritage sector. In particular, her research interests include:

• Provenance study and mineralogical-petrographic characterization of natural and artificial stone materials used in Cultural Heritage;
• Experimentation and testing of new protective/consolidating products against aging, weathering and decay agents on stone materials;
• Study of degradation forms of cultural resources in underwater environments.







27005196 - TRATTAMENTO PROTETTIVO MATERIALI LAPIDEI - Doc. RICCA Michela (CdS 0782 PFP1: Materiali lapidei e derivati; superfici decorate dell'architettura)