Master's Degree in Economics and Trade

The Bachelor degree program in “Economics”

The main goal of the BSc. degree in Economics is to train economists, allowing them to work in both the private and public sector.

Graduates will be provided with a solid knowledge in economics, mathematics and statistics, also supported by a background in law and in business management. In particular, the modules will focus on:

  1. decision-making problems in the field of Economics and Business for individuals, firms, public organizations;

  2. issues affecting the organization of businesses and the working of the economic system as a whole, and

  3. on the collection and analysis of data at individual, firm, country and market level.

Moreover, the skills acquired will allow graduates to analyse economic problems faced by firms, and to understand sectorial and local dynamics and the impact of public policies.

During the first two years of the BSc. program in Economics students will attend a number of compulsory modules, such as mathematics, statistics, microeconomics and business economics, public and private law, and macroeconomics, whereas in the third year students will attend modules from different fields including political economy, commercial law, and investment valuation and management. Furthermore, students attending the third year are given the possibility to choose (according to their own interests and job expectations):

  1. optional modules not only in the economics field but also among all the courses provided in any BSc. program at the University of Calabria and

  2. optional modules taught in the first, second and third year of the single-cycle Master degree program at the University of Calabria.

The breadth of the topics covered allows students to develop an autonomous ability for the analysis of the main economic issues and to acquire skills to pursue a professional career in the public or private context.

The Degree Program in Economics also provides students with the knowledge necessary to attend the Second Level Degree Program (Master Degree) and with skills needed to access the exam aimed at obtaining the qualification to practice the profession of Chartered Accountant (Dottore Commercialista).

Bachelor degree program in Economics - DESF