Italian-Russian University


Italian-Russian University is founded the 18th November 1996 by the Cooperation Agreement signed by the Rector of University of Calabria and the Rector of University of Nizhni Novgorod. The cooperation is based on various activities in scientific, technological, educational fields started by the delegate of the Rector of University of Calabria Prof. Pietro Bucci and the Rector of University of Nizhni Novgorod Prof. Alexandre F. Khokhlov the 8th October 1992. Currently there are four Russian Universities joined to the exchange programmes: Lobachevski University of Nizhni Novgorod (Nizhni Novgorod), Moscow National Research University - MIET (Moscow), Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (Moscow) and Saint Petersburg University (Saint Petersburg).

In the framework of Bologna Declaration for the development of coherent European system of University education, based on students mobility, unique credit system and comparable degrees, the Universities collaborate, investing resources in the exchange of students, academic staff, young researchers, making agreements on dual degree programmes. The cooperation between the Universities aims to:

  • Give the possibility to obtain degree to the students with competences recognised in both countries;
  • Promote research in the fields of economics, statistics and finance;
  • Diffuse Italian and Russian languages;
  • Extend the cooperation with other Russian Universities.

For further information refer to Dr. Janna Smirnova, Italian-Russian University, Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance, tel: +39 0984492444, fax: +39 0984492421, e-mail:

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