The Library “E. Tarantelli”


The Library “E. Tarantelli”


The Interdepartmental Library of Economic and Social Sciences was born in 1981. In 1987 it was formally dedicated to the economist Ezio Tarantelli.




The aim of the Library is to provide its users (first of all the students and researchers of the three Departments that the library serve) with the materials they need in didactics and research.

The new building of the "E. Tarantelli" Library, situated in the third Block of the University Library System was inaugurated, on 7th February 2001, by the President of the Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. It is a self-service and fully automated library. In 2007 the Library was visited by Dr Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, and former Governor of the Bank of Italy.

Students, researchers or everyone who visits the Library for more than three times is expected to ask for the Library User Card, a magnetic card, which allows people to use all the services the Library offers. In the Library, users can apply to the User Reception Desk. It is the main interface between the Library and its users. Through the User Reception Desk, the Library undertakes to give pertinent, timely and accurate information. The Library provides InterLibrary Loan and Document Delivery services. On 31 December 2013 the Library owned 189.168 documents.


Main Library Collections


Books and Research Material: the Library owns 91,830 Italian and foreign books, principally dealing with economics, demography, statistics, mathematical finance, law, business economics, sociology, political science, computer science and other disciplinary areas related to the Faculties of Economics and Political Sciences.

Serials: the Library owns 1,300 paper serials; 400 dealing with economics, statistics and finance, 350 with sociology and politics and 550 with business and law. The average number of annual volumes is 20. In addition the Library provides almost 5.000 online journals.

Statistics database: The statistical sector consists of different Italian and foreign historical series such as ISTAT, European Union, UNO (United Nations Organization), EUROSTAT, OECD, IMF, World Bank. Many of these statistics are provided on line in addition to other databases such as Amadeus, AIDA and Datastream.

Law and Legislation: as regards the law sector, the Library owns the main collections related to law and legislation such as: Il repertorio del Foro Italiano, Repertorio generale annuale di giustizia civile, Repertorio della Corte Costituzionale, Repertorio amministrativo dello stato, Lex, Leggi d’Italia.

Electronic Journals: the Library puts at disposal of its on-line users an increasing number of journals, from which it is possible to download full-text files. For search and consultation, users have to click on Riviste elettroniche.

On-line Databases: in order to make search easier, the Library puts at disposal of its on-line users some scientific and bibliographic databases. For search and consultation, users have to click on Banche dati on-line.




Special Collections


Textbooks: the Textbook Section consists of all the books currently used or recommended for the courses hold by the Department of Economics, Statistics and Finance.

  • CD-Roms: the Multimedia Section consists of some of the major publications on CD-Rom as regards the field of the economic, social and statistical sciences, such as ABI-INFORM, Books in Print, British National Bibliography, Alice CD, Econ-Lit, SocioFile, Bibliografia delle riviste economiche italiane, Jurisdata, Foro Italiano, FiscoVideo, Social Sciences Citation Index, etc.

  • References, Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries: in the Library, users can find Reference Books for bibliographic researches in the field of the economic and social sciences, as well as works of general knowledge such as bilingual and specialized dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

  • Contemporary Fiction: at present the collection consists of nearly 700 contemporary fiction books.

  • Daily Newspapers: a collection of the major international, national and local dailies (Financial Times, Le Monde, Wall Street Journal, La Repubblica, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24-Ore, Italia Oggi, La Gazzetta del Sud, Il Quotidiano) are available in the Library from 1976 on. Daily newspapers can be found in the Multimedia Room.

  • Microforms: the whole series (beginning from their birth) of the most important journals dealing with economics, statistics and sociology are available also on microfilm.

Reference, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services


For every document that the Library does not own, users can turn to the Interlibrary Loan Service. Users can borrow unavailable documents from other libraries or institutions. This service is liable to a fixed contribution of 4,00 Euros and to possible shipping charges which the sending institution can claim. The Reference and Document Research Service deals specifically with the bibliographic information related to scientific areas and documents that are not present in the Library.


European Documentation Centre (Centro di Documentazione Europea – CDE)


A European Documentation Centre is situated in the Library. It is part of a net created by the European Union for the member countries, in order to support study, teaching and research on European integration.


Computers in the Library


The computers in the "E. Tarantelli" Library offer access to the on-line catalogue of the UNICAL libraries, to electronic journals, networked CD-Roms and the Internet. The use of these computers is controlled by regulations.


Library Opening Hours





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