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2020 - Report Summary on the activity carried out


Scarica il Rapporto ISPA 2020


The Year 2020 has been the first year of the Center's activity, during which despite the particular conditions because of the Covid-10 pandemic, the Center scheduled and realized various ventures.
Firstly, the ISPA has gathered numerous adhesions besides the founders: 233 scholars, many of them of particular authority, from 103 Universities in 29 countries, of which 17 Emeritus, 156 Senior, 52 Junior and 8 Associations. This has also been achieved thanks to the establishment of four international research groups on interdisciplinary issues: 1) «Criminal law and the religious factor» made up of 16 members; 2) «Life imprisonment in comparative law» made up of 63 members; 3) «Euthanasia in the multidisciplinary prism» made up of 71 members; 4) «The media perception of insecurity» made up of 39 members.
In 2020, ISPA also organized and sponsored four conferences and seminars, three of which via videoconferencing mode, which were attended by over 4000 people: students, academics, professionals, in some cases with the awarding of training credits for lawyers and the issuance of 1202 participation certificates by ISPA. The Centre's commitment then was in enhancing and preserving the library and the ‘Alimena’ archive. In 2020, after a recognition of the library and archive material, an application was made to the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities in order to obtain the declaration of cultural interest under Articles 13 and following of Legislative Decree 42/2004. A first favorable response from the competent Archival and Bibliographic Superintendency Office was received with note n. 30.07.04 of 7 February 2020. An agreement was also signed with the Alimena family in order to regulate its relations with ISPA.
Also from an editorial point of view, the Institute produced its first results in 2020. In particular, the creation of series “The ISPA Notebooks”, published by Pacini of Pisa founded in 1872, and the publication of two collective volumes: 1) "Justice at the time of the coronavirus", edited by M. Caterini and S. Muleo, 216 pp.; 2) "Govern the epidemic: society, institutions and public safety", edited by R. Giurato and G. Mecca, 108 pp. ISPA's efforts also involved the internationalization of research and teaching, with the establishment of a «Visiting Professors Program» and a «Visiting Researchers Program», which generated the instruction  and approval of three Visiting Professor and two Visiting Ph.D. student. Right from the start the Research Center set up presentation web pages. Today the ISPA site contains a "menu" with 19 sections, translated in English and Spanish, hundreds of pages that ensure a wide dissemination of the Institute's cultural project and its initiatives. In conclusion, in 2020 the ventures realized and scheduled had been many, diversified and, coherently with the cultural project approved by the Università della Calabria academic bodies, they concerned the research, the didactics, the internationalization, and the third mission of the University. The various feedback received from the ISPA ventures confirm the interest and value of the ideas based on the research Center's foundation also in an international dimension. The project's value is more significant considering that the activity has been carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic and without any financial contribution or designated staff, but only thanks to the many people's voluntary task, to whom we are grateful.