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How to join the ISPA


Pursuant to art. 7 of the Operative Rules of ISPA, published with the Rector's Decree of the University of Calabria n. 2098 of 10 December 2019,

1. Researchers and professors of this University interested in the activities of the Center may submit a justified request to join the Center. The number of members of the Center is unlimited.

2. External scholars or scholars who have other forms of relations with this University (e.g.: retired professors, adjunct professors, PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, “cultori della materia”, instructors, tutors, etc.) may participate in the research activities.

3. Finally, entities, scientific organizations, cultural or professional associations whose institutional purposes are related to those described in the previous section 2 may join the Center's activities.

4. Any new adhesion to the Center must be approved by the Scientific Council.

Membership or aggregation is not onerous. The following are the forms of membership applications, which of course can be modified or integrated due to different needs or additional reasons.


Membership model