Director and Scientific Council




The Research Director is appointed by the Rector among the researchers and professors of the University of Calabria. The Director remains in office for five years and represents and is responsible for the Center, convenes and chairs the Scientific Council, supervises the operations of the Center and coordinates all its activities. With the Rectoral Decree n. 2033 of 3 December 2019, Professor Mario Caterini (curriculum e pubblicazioni) was appointed director of the ISPA.


The Scientific Council

Besides the Director, one representative designated by each of the adhering Departments forms the Scientific Council, which remains in office for five years. The Scientific Council has the following tasks:
a) to coordinate and supervise the activities of the Center;
b) to approve the applications made by other Departments to join the Center;
c) to promote agreements with other Departments of the University of Calabria for the use of related structures and equipment;
d) to formulate proposals to the adhering Departments on matters related to the administration of the Center, including the purchase and use of equipment;
e) to develop research projects within the scope of the Center and to apply to the adhering Departments for funding;
f) to propose to the adhering Departments the approval of agreements and contracts in the interest of the Center;
g) it may establish scientific committees on specific research topics;
h) to propose to researchers and professors who participate in the Center's research activities the carrying out of studies and research, as well as supporting initiatives for the development of projects, in accordance with the University’s regulations;
i) to promote and develop international and national contacts in the areas of activity; Representatives of the organizations, agencies, and associations that adhere to the initiatives of the Center may participate in the meetings of the Scientific Council in an advisory capacity. The Rectoral Decree n. 2033 of 3 December 2019, appointed Professor Anna Rovella (curriculum e pubblicazioni) of the Department of "Culture, Education, and Society" and Professor Rocco Giurato (curriculum e pubblicazioni) of the Department of "Business Administration and Law" as members of the Scientific Council of the "ISPA".