Visiting Professors Program


Visiting Professors Program

Coordinator Prof. Mario Caterini


The Istituto di Studi penalistici “Alimena”(ISPA) gives to Professors and Researchers working abroad the opportunity to carry out cycles of classes and seminars regarding the fields of interest of the Interdepartmental Center at the Università della Calabria, to promote the teaching internationalization.

The applicants, foreigner or Italian, must alternatively be:

1)Professors working at a University or another research Institution which is not Italian;

2)Researchers who work at a University or other research Institution which is not Italian;

3)Distinguished scholars from foreign cultural Institutions.

The applicant will have to apply to the ISPA Scientific Board through the address, attaching the curriculum vitae and the program of the lessons or seminars that he/she would teach, which must be not less than ten hours, regarding the topics of interest of the interdepartmental Center.

The application has to be approved by the Scientific Board of the interdepartmental Center after verifying the potential interest to the cycle of lessons or seminars within the scope of one or more classes activated in a Department of the Università della Calabria. In this case, the Scientific Board will appoint a Professor as a Faculty sponsor upon his/her agreement and send the request to the Department of the Università della Calabria where the lessons and the seminars would happen, which may approve the submission through permission.

The procedure will end with the Visiting Professor’s appointment through the Dean’s Decree. The appointment does not give the right to salary or refund of expenditure unless provided for special covenants or other partnerships. For further details about the procedure, please see the Università della Calabria “Regolamento Visiting Professors” at .

The Visiting Professors Program can happen in person, on the Università della Calabria Campus, compatibly with the travel rules regarding people from abroad, or online, using the software made available by Unical.

During the implementation of the classes or seminars, the Visiting Professor will benefit from these privileges:

a)Insurance coverage for damages and accidents;

b)Assistance and information support about the potential residency permit procedures, by the Scientific research and International Relations Area.

c)The University services’ entitlement, such as the cafeteria,the guesthouse,the libraries,etc.

At the end of the cycle of classes or seminars,the Visiting Professor must lay out a report on the activity carried out, countersigned by the Faculty sponsor.

Please address all questions regarding the Visiting Professors Program to



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