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International student mobility

Mobilità Internazionale Studenti

Students will be able to receive all necessary information about the International Mobility Programmes activated by UniCal (Erasmus +,BET, MOST). They will be provided with adequate support in the procedures related to the mobility programmes (compilation of applications for participation in the calls, retrieval of information concerning foreign universities, choice of location, Learning Agreement for courses to attend abroad, assistance during the course for any changes to courses, ...) and in the procedures relating to study plan authorization and any changes related to it (including any recognition of the activities passed abroad) which fall within the remit of the Degree course board or Department Council.

Incoming students following international mobility programmes will be able to use the service to find information about the courses active within the Department and about the services offered by the University.

I riferimenti del DISPeS e dei Corsi di Studio per la mobilità internazionale
- Delegato del Direttore all'Internazionalizzazione: 
prof.ssa Anna Margherita Russo
- Laurea in Scienze Politiche e Laurea magistrale in Scienze Politiche: 
prof.ssa Sonia Floriani
- Laurea in Scienze dell'Amministrazione e Laurea magistrale in Scienze delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni: 
prof. Walter Greco
- Laurea in Servizio Sociale e Laurea magistrale in Scienze delle Politiche e dei Servizi Sociali: 
prof. Carlo De Rose e prof. Ian Michael Robinson
- Laurea in Media e Società digitale: 
prof. Samuel Antichi

Referente per la mobilità internazionale DISPeS: Santina Orlando

Tutor per la mobilità internazionale DISPeS: Gaetano Fazari

Il tutor riceve per appuntamento da concordare via email scrivendo a





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