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The Master's Degree Course in Physics offers a programmed number of 50 places.

To be admitted to the Master's Degree Course in Physics students must have a bachelor degree or a three-year university diploma – or another equivalent qualification obtained abroad that satisfies the curricular requirements to profitably attend the master's degree course. In particular, graduates must be in possession of

- a three-year bachelor degree in Physics, class L-30 (DM 270/40) or class L-25 (DM 509/99) or of any other degree in the same classes;

- any three-year bachelor degree in a class different from the aforementioned, provided that they include at least 24 ECTS in Mathematics (sectors MAT/01-MAT/08) and at least 50 ECTS in Physics (sectors FIS/01-FIS/08).

In addition, admission to the master's degree course is subject to the check of the candidate's adequate preparation, aimed at verifying the knowledge in Physics, Mathematics and logical-deductive reasoning. It is also required a B2 proficiency level knowledge of English language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for language knowledge.

The assessment of personal preparation is entrusted to a specific Committee, appointed annually by the Department of Physics, through a test (oral and/or written). The admission ranking list will be drawn up on the basis of the overall score obtained by considering the degree grade and the test score.

All interested students must apply according to the procedures reported annually in the call for admissions,


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